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Louisa is a writer and the author of this blog, My Midlife Mayhem. The shocking discovery that she is expected to contribute to the roof over her family’s head has recently forced her into actively seeking paid writing opportunities, so please see details on her contact page if you have any empathy for starving writers.


A shameless procrastinator, who moaned convincingly for years about all the reasons she couldn’t write, Louisa finally dived headfirst into this blog five years ago. Now she has the literary version of verbal diarrhea – although is still unable to spell it.

My Midlife Mayhem is her first literary baby and her manuscript, Opening The Box, in its final decade of editing, is her second. She toyed with an online magazine for a while, but it felt too much like hard work. She is also working on a YA fiction once she discovers a convincing plot.

Her blog is a high-five to all those women, like her, stuck in the confusing arena of middle age, who may or may not share her bittersweet acceptance that having it all and maintaining one’s sanity is simply too hard. Topics dissected, include teenagers, empty-nesting, menopause, mental health issues, body issues and, (shall we say?), evolving relationships.

Occasionally, Louisa also forgets that she is not a political journalist and dips her ignorant toes into highly uncontentious topics such as feminism, discrimination, and mental health – for which she usually receives generous feedback for her input.

Alas, she is no spring chicken, (see photo), so when she started searching for a niche for seemingly invisible women like her, (with their own special brand of humor and the customized baggage of middle age), initially, she had her doubts. Who would want to read about the mundanities of her life, self-doubt taunted her each time she admired her reflection in the mirror? Did anyone really care about her frustrations with aging: the wrinkles and the bladder leakage, entitled teenagers, the nutter antics of her ADHD son and the day-to-day challenge of keeping her marriage alive?

But as she so succinctly put it in an interview with Time Magazine, ‘there is a whole army of women dealing with this menopausal shite, giving fewer fucks,’ and she remains eternally grateful to her supporters, and in particular, for their generosity with wine.

So if you feel the need to belly laugh like you did when you were young and attractive, (in the way deemed by society), and had the world at your feet, or you take pleasure from knowing that someone else’s life is more fucked than yours, join Louisa on her journey.

Disclaimer: Yes, Louisa’s profile photo is photo-shopped – because she can.

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32 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Greetings from a fellow mid life kicker and screamer, and thanks for following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours.


  2. Hi there – I just nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award.
    If you want to accept it, click below for details.

    No worries if you’re not into the award thang:)



  3. Hi. Got access to your blog through bloggers.com. No, am not middle aged and not going through its crisis but i totally love your blog and writing and am following it. Well done.


    • mymidlifemayhem said:

      Thanks so much for your support. It’s really great to know when someone enjoys it. I hope I’m not scaring you off middle age – it’s really not THAT bad!


  4. Thank you for visiting and liking my last post. Appreciate your time to do so 🙂


  5. unfetteredbs said:

    love your about ramblings.. right there with ya!


  6. Just found you, devouring your posts, and liking and following you and and signing up for emails all over the place!


  7. Love your ramblings and brutal honesty. Can totally relate. I’ve channelled my energy away from chardonnay into cooking. Helps block out the mayhem in our very busy household with three hormonal teenagers. Love them dearly but they do my head in. Of course all that eating has not been kind to my waistline so like Princess I’ve
    embarked on the 5-2 diet. Perhaps I should have stayed with the chardonnay…


  8. Hey Louisa, came across your blog & love what I have read so far. Looking forward to more!


  9. Oh dear; yet, I can relate in many ways.


  10. I love your blog. It makes me want to re-do my format and make it a lot funnier, and expose my feelings more, become more succinct, and I could go on with the list. I’ll get there eventually I suppose.Great job – I will return to enjoy more of your posts.


  11. sweetaboutme said:

    You write so well! The honesty and humour is refreshing.
    I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary but can relate to soooo many of your posts!
    Looking forward to reading many more 🙂


  12. Georgina said:

    I woke up yesterday after years of having quashed the desire to write with an unhealthy obsession with work, and decided i would blog. No idea why or how but checked out meetups and found yours on June 9. Love your work so far!


  13. Hi Louisa,

    I found your blog through a ‘Midlife’ search on FB, I’m looking at as many Blogs along this line as possible as my own new Blog is telling the story of people who have made lifestyle changes, career changes, travel…..all good Midlife issues. Really enjoyed your blog, I am similar in many ways in that who would want to read anything I have to say, but after getting a couple of poems noticed and published I thought why not! I’d be grateful if you or any of your readers have a wee nosey and leave critique if you/they want, it all helps. Here’s a link if you fancy a look.

    Thanks Drew.



  14. Hi. I’m also a middle aged woman. I call myself a middle aged woman gone wild



  15. Hi Louisa, love your blog ! I just came across it by accident on Linkedin.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Cheers Louise (Brawn)


  16. Sounds like a normal family to me.


  17. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that the link ’17 Parenting Mistakes…Daughter’ says ‘Not Found’ when clicked. Not sure if the post is gone or if there’s a mistake in the link, but whatever the issue, the link is broken. 😦




  18. Oh my days I have only recently started blogging but I wish I’d started ages ago so that I could have read your stuff before now!

    Priceless, I absolutely love it!

    My blog is a little different in subject (as in, polar opposites given that I blog on living with bipolar), but definitely we have the same sense of humour!

    Plus the muddling through life bit is spot on!

    Thank you for entertaining me, Louisa, and keep well. And funny. 😉


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