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I’m a shameless procrastinator who talked about writing for years, and moaned convincingly about why I couldn’t possibly do it.

Now I can’t stop.

‘My Midlife Mayhem’ is my first ‘writing baby’; my gestating manuscript, ‘Opening The Box’, is my second.

This blog wasn’t easy to get off the ground, because (apparently) good bloggers are succinct and able to expose themselves emotionally.

So this micro-evolution has been a case of trial and error.

Nevertheless, the journey has been a cathartic one, writing about this strange arena of middle age and its challenges such as teenagers, empty-nesting, mental health, menopause, body issues and evolving relationships.

You’d be surprised at how difficult it was to find a ‘niche’ for the blog initially, because I’m no spring chicken and couldn’t package myself up as a yummy ‘mummy blogger’ – not with my customised baggage of cellulite, muffin top and anxiety issues, as well as family hangers-on in the form of un-intelligible teenagers and a Neanderthal for a husband.

Who would want to hear about my life anyway, self-doubt taunted me? Who would really care about my frustrations with the ageing process, entitled teenagers, the nutter antics of an ADHD teenager, our general family anxiety and my interminably long marriage?

Here are some examples of my most popular posts to provide you with a taster of what this blog is about:

Embracing The F Word In Middle Age

My Top 5 Young Fashion Shops For Middle-Aged Women

Letter of Resignation To The Women’s Menstruation Club

Parenting Tips: Dogs Versus Teenagers

Teenage Sibling Love

17 Parenting Mistakes No Mother Should Have To Admit To Her Daughter


As well as a sampling of my thoughts on ADHD:

How To Cope With ADHD For Breakfast

What I Have Learnt About ADHD (via Easy Peasy Kids)

I had always assumed before that blogs were for glamorous mummies with perfect children, or fashionistas; that I would be the only middle-aged woman out there exposing my particular brand of mayhem. But it appears that there’s a whole army of us dealing with this menopausal shite, whose coping strategies rely daily on Chardonnay, chocolate and humor.

So if you want a belly laugh (usually at my own expense) or to make yourself feel better about your own life, take a sticky beak at what’s happening in the mayhem of mine. I don’t care if you’re peri-menopausal, menopausal, premenstrual or simply that your life just sucks at the moment and you need a good laugh or some inspiration – there’s no judgement here – then join me, the old man, Kurt, Nerd Child and the Princess on our increasingly dysfunctional journey.

Louisa x


And yes, my profile photo is horribly photo-shopped – because I can.

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30 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Greetings from a fellow mid life kicker and screamer, and thanks for following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours.

  2. Hi there – I just nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award.
    If you want to accept it, click below for details.

    No worries if you’re not into the award thang:)


  3. Hi. Got access to your blog through bloggers.com. No, am not middle aged and not going through its crisis but i totally love your blog and writing and am following it. Well done.

    • mymidlifemayhem said:

      Thanks so much for your support. It’s really great to know when someone enjoys it. I hope I’m not scaring you off middle age – it’s really not THAT bad!

  4. Thank you for visiting and liking my last post. Appreciate your time to do so 🙂

  5. unfetteredbs said:

    love your about ramblings.. right there with ya!

  6. Just found you, devouring your posts, and liking and following you and and signing up for emails all over the place!

  7. Love your ramblings and brutal honesty. Can totally relate. I’ve channelled my energy away from chardonnay into cooking. Helps block out the mayhem in our very busy household with three hormonal teenagers. Love them dearly but they do my head in. Of course all that eating has not been kind to my waistline so like Princess I’ve
    embarked on the 5-2 diet. Perhaps I should have stayed with the chardonnay…

  8. Hey Louisa, came across your blog & love what I have read so far. Looking forward to more!

  9. Oh dear; yet, I can relate in many ways.

  10. I love your blog. It makes me want to re-do my format and make it a lot funnier, and expose my feelings more, become more succinct, and I could go on with the list. I’ll get there eventually I suppose.Great job – I will return to enjoy more of your posts.

  11. sweetaboutme said:

    You write so well! The honesty and humour is refreshing.
    I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary but can relate to soooo many of your posts!
    Looking forward to reading many more 🙂

  12. Georgina said:

    I woke up yesterday after years of having quashed the desire to write with an unhealthy obsession with work, and decided i would blog. No idea why or how but checked out meetups and found yours on June 9. Love your work so far!

  13. Hi Louisa,

    I found your blog through a ‘Midlife’ search on FB, I’m looking at as many Blogs along this line as possible as my own new Blog is telling the story of people who have made lifestyle changes, career changes, travel…..all good Midlife issues. Really enjoyed your blog, I am similar in many ways in that who would want to read anything I have to say, but after getting a couple of poems noticed and published I thought why not! I’d be grateful if you or any of your readers have a wee nosey and leave critique if you/they want, it all helps. Here’s a link if you fancy a look.

    Thanks Drew.


  14. Hi. I’m also a middle aged woman. I call myself a middle aged woman gone wild


  15. Hi Louisa, love your blog ! I just came across it by accident on Linkedin.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Cheers Louise (Brawn)

  16. Sounds like a normal family to me.

  17. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that the link ’17 Parenting Mistakes…Daughter’ says ‘Not Found’ when clicked. Not sure if the post is gone or if there’s a mistake in the link, but whatever the issue, the link is broken. 😦



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