Wedding Anniversary Negotiations by My Midlife Mayhem

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4 thoughts on “CONTACT LOUISA”

  1. I am 59 and soon to be 60. I don’t look like it, though. I bought a purple dress that is about 2-3″ above my knee. The dress is not form fitting or flowing. I am 5″4′ and weigh 102. The dress accents my shoulders which is one of my best accents and eyes. I have a nice figure though I need to tone up some. I have black flats to wear. I’m going out alone and I don’t want to look like I’m hungry for a man. I just want to dance and have fun. Am I too old to wear a dress that length?

    • In my personal opinion you’ve worked that dress exactly right. If I wear a shorter dress I tend to wear flats and make sure my boobs aren’t hanging out – then I think it’s ok. Just my humble opinion though and fashion not necessarily my thing.

  2. Tracey Waller said:

    Hi Louisa,
    I have really enjoyed reading Midlife Mayhem it is so honest, so relatable ( is there such a word?) & soooo funny it brings tears to my eyes. Is there a way I will automatically receive them because I do not want to miss out.
    Great writing and I look forward to reading your next midlife mayhem story,

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