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It’s lucky for you that I’m such an emotionally volatile person, (because Kurt has such a talent for keeping me in a semi-turbulent state that veers between anger and despair most of the day), otherwise, how else would you gain such inspiring insights into the often-crass world we live in?

This week I’m confused by that photo of Kim Kardashian‘s arse.

Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood...

Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood Life Magazine Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I’m also torn about writing this post because I hate slamming women on the Internet, when there’s more than enough unnecessary vitriol floating around cyberspace without my penny’s worth.

Nevertheless, I’m still confused by the photo of Kim Kardashian’s arse.

And I’m equally confused by the photo of Keira Knightly’s breasts. You see, I’ve never understood why successful women feel the need to flaunt/sell their naked bodies to the world.

Kim Kardashian found fame via a sex tape and a reality tv show, so with a wealth of beauty and fashion contracts to promote, that image of her naked butt obviously did what it was intended to do – kept the public (those that aren’t already sick of seeing her on the cover of every magazine) aware of her VERY important presence in the universe and made her even more money. Obviously the Wests have fallen on hard times recently.

Those matching outfits for North can be super-expensive!

My question is, why these women need to do this? They don’t need the money and they can certainly gain attention in other ways. ‘New marriages’ have worked well for Kim in the past.

NC disagrees with me and says that women should be able to do what they want without being judged, because feminism is about being able to make choices.


Keira attends the premiere of Atonement

Keira attends the premiere of Atonement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They’ve justified the shots, of course. ‘Money’ is never mentioned, but ‘awareness’ issues are used and abused. Truth be told, I wasn’t fully AWARE of just how HUGE Kim’s arse was before that photo.

Apparently Keira was protesting against previous airbrushed shots of her boobs and wanted to demonstrate to her public what real breasts look like – those unaided by cosmetic sculpturing, Photoshop or any other sort of ‘lift lie’. She was trying to disprove society’s paradigm that women’s breasts need to be at least a C cup to be perfect. The problem is, Keira is a young, beautiful and successful woman, who has basically released just another topless photo to the Internet – to titillate and be salivated over.

I’m not so sure that the type of person who clicks on the ‘Keira’s sexy photo’ headline as it flashes onto their screen appreciates her stance on Photoshop. Furthermore, she has added fuel to the fire of women being represented in the media as nothing more than bodies. Her standpoint seems sadly lost on most of the lightweight online magazines I’ve seen.

The naked female body is beautiful, (and I don’t believe I’m a prude), but have Keira and Kim thought about what message their photos are sending out to young girls who are struggling through puberty; girls who worry about their bodies and are trying to fit into a world dictated by the seedy rules of social media – where sending a sexy snapchat or photo has become the new way to communicate with each other?

You can argue that it’s their choice. And I agree – if women choose to sell their bodies or photos for money, that’s their right. But Keira and Kim have a responsibility, too – as public role models. Neither of them needed to make that choice for financial reasons.

I AM AWARE that real breasts don’t sit naturally at right angles to the female body – as are most adult women and mature men. So how does a black and white, ‘contrived to look arty’, photo of Keira’s breasts help prevent the process of airbrushing exactly? Wouldn’t an intelligent article about ‘body issues’ and the ‘misrepresentation of women by the media’ have made more of an impact?

(Perhaps Keira could take a leaf out of Emma Watson’s book when it comes to addressing women’s issues).

But unfortunately an article like that wouldn’t receive the same level of interest or ‘views’ – the Internet is where people seek immediate gratification, and mere ‘suggestion’ is not enough.

They want boobs and butts.

That huge, oily arse, flashes up on my screen every time I click on a social media site at the moment, and it makes me very uncomfortable. I’m confused by the message Kim’s arse is trying to send me.